Best. Facial. Ever.

Customer Testimonial

“It should be called “The 1 Hour FaceLift Facial”

Marie - Lower Plenty

Salon Owner Testimonial

“Clients are saying Rezenerate is the best treatment they have ever had, gentle, relaxing but really effective.  They are coming back every month to have another Rezenerate!”

Helen Blackburn | Vanish Ink Bundaberg

Customer Testimonial

“Never did I think I could walk out of salon after having a Facial and have no redness at all”

Karen - Eltham

Salon Owner Testimonial

"Rezenerate has changed our business. After just 3 weeks we had covered the set up cost of Rezenerate. Our clients are loving their results and are booking in for their second  and third packages from just introducing Rezenerate in February. It has boosted our retail sales and we have gained new clientele through word of mouth."

Aimee Williams | Total Bliss Deniliquin NSW

Customer Testimonial

“Rezenerate is the greatest facial I have had in years, I loved microneedling but prefer this treatment as there is no downtime and I absolutely love the cold globe therapy, I also love the Ultraderm Skin Recovery Mask that staff recommended and my skin has never looked better!

Cheryl D – Bundaberg

Welcome to the Rezenerate Revolution.

Rezenerate NanoFacial is the newest skin care modality on the market today bringing you the same great results as more invasive systems without any of the negatives. Don’t be fooled by imitators with low grade technology, sub-standard materials, and non-existent results. Rezenerate NanoFacial is the ONLY company utilizing cutting-edge Nanotechnology, the pressure points of Japanese Acupressure, principles of Yoga facial exercises, and the cool touch of Cold Therapy to deliver the Best. Facial. Ever. We are dedicated to helping professional skincare providers administer the best facial possible with a safe, effective, and easy to master system.

Rezenerate works wonders on:

+  Fine lines and other signs of aging skin
+  Blemishes or other skin imperfections
+  Malnourished skin
+  Sunspots and age spots
+  Oily or overly dry skin
+  Uneven skin tone and texture

A Rezenerate facial is right for you if:

+  You are not a candidate for more invasive procedures 
+  You are concerned about painful treatments/numbing injections
+  You want quick results with little downtime
+  You are tired of facials that never deliver the promised results
+  You want to maintain healthy, vibrant skin

The Rezenerate Facial

Rezenerate’s philosophy is simple: combine innovative technology with pure high quality tried and true products to deliver the best cosmetic facial results possible. In order to achieve this, Rezenerate was specifically designed to be “Product Neutral.” Rezenerate does not promote any specific beauty line because we believe that you are already working with many great lines. When properly coupled with Rezenerate, they become exponentially more effective, delivering results you never thought you could achieve.

Rezenerate is well known throughout the industry due to our concept of “Product Neutrality.”

One of the many benefits of the Rezenerate Modality is making fantastic products you already use in your practice work exponentially better!

Rezenerate Demonstration Video

Rezenerate Balloon Demonstration

They say the best inventions are born from problems and we had an interesting one when we first started demonstrating the Rezenerate Modality to skin care professions. They would ask to feel the Rezenerate in action on the tops of their hands, but when we complied the Rez Wand was so gentle that they doubted anything was actually happening! It seemed the nanotechnology behind Rezenerate actually worked too well.

The Rezenerate Balloon Demonstration was soon developed. It is a really cool demo illustrating the power of Rezenerate’s actual, verified nanotechnology at work…

This is a MUST SEE!

Rezenerate Balloon Demonstration

At the Intersection of Beauty and Technology.

Is your salon ready to join the Rezenerate revolution?

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